Redibs believes the relationship between the homeowner and their real estate agent should be long-term and collaborative. That’s why we are willing to make an upfront investment in homeowners for the opportunity to represent them in the future when they are ready to sell their home. Redibs is an accredited Better Business Bureau company with an A rating. Redibs operates in Texas under AMWCo (TX), LLC. TREC license #9008490. More states coming soon. Stay connected with us to see our new locations.

Redibs has sourced a network of local realtors who will not only list and sell your home,  but possess the knowledge and expertise to help you decide the best time to sell. It’s our agent’s goal to help you get the greatest return on your investment.

There’s no catch. You’ve just never heard of anyone like us before. We’re new and changing the real estate model. Redibs is a real business offering you an opportunity to sell your home someday with a network of pre-approved realtors, and in exchange for signing up we pay you for the trust you are putting in us. Together we will create a collaborative real estate relationship.

Redibs has partnered with a network of local realtors. We seek out the most innovative and successful real estate agents in an area. To date we have over 2,000 real estate agents in our network, so you can be sure that an expert who specializes in your neighborhood will be there for you when you’re ready to sell.

No, you do not have to sell your home soon. No pressure. Enjoy your home for as long as you want, it’s your home. When you do decide to sell your home, we will arm you with information about your home’s value to help you make the best decisions. This information has the ability to help you get the most from your home.  And you want to get the most money for your home.

No, you do not need to agree to a price today. We want you, when you’re ready,  to work with one of our partner real estate agents who is an expert in your local market. They have the knowledge and market research to help you choose the sales price that will help you sell quickly for a price you agree with. Our listing process follows industry standards and only you determine when it’s time to sell.

You may have your cash incentive within a day of signing up with us. We initiate payment immediately after receiving your signed agreement. You can choose from multiple payment methods, including a check or bank transfer.

Getting started is fast and easy.

  1. Call us or fill out this form.
  2. We’ll walk you through your incentive offer. If you agree to move forward with us, we’ll send you a contract that you can sign from your own home.
  3. As soon as you sign, we send you cash.

1, 2, 3. It’s that easy.

Yes, it might seem one-sided with us paying you to sign up for something you may not use for years to come, but we feel that the investment is worth it for us, too. When you do decide to sell, we will work with your local agent to sell your home and in doing so, we would collect a percentage of the commission from the sale. So we are paying you now, but we will get paid at closing when we sell your home at the price you’ve chosen.

Cash in your pockets! Plus,

  • Connection to a network of pre-approved local real estate agents
  • Access to market insights and knowledge of your home’s value
  • Assistance in locating a real estate agent when you’re ready to sell
  • Support with your largest investment
  • Guidance through the sales process
  • Expert help pricing and selling your home

It’s easy to find out. Call us or fill out this form and we can give you an exact dollar amount. It will range between $500 to $2000, depending on eligibility. But rest assured, the price we quote you is the price you will get paid.